Zhejiang Culture Plaza Hotel

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Room Types Rack Rates(RMB) Online Preferential Room
Rates(RMB)(Sun to Thu)
Online Preferential Room
Rates(RMB)(Fri to Sat)
Business Single 700 299(Exclude BF) 339((Inc. 1 BF)
Business Double 1080 369(Exclude BF) 419(Exclude BF)
Business Twin 1000 369(Exclude BF) 399(Exclude BF)
Superior Double 1180 479(Exclude BF) 479(Exclude BF)
Superior Twin 1100 459(Exclude BF) 459(Exclude BF)
Deluxe Double 1280 559(Inc. 2 BF) 559(Inc. 2 BF)
Deluxe Twin 1200 559(Inc. 2 BF) 559(Inc. 2 BF)
Business Suite 1800 696(Inc. 2 BF) 696(Inc. 2 BF)
Deluxe Suite 3800 1200(Inc. 2 BF) 1200(Inc. 2 BF)
Extra Bed 150 100(Exclude BF) 100(Exclude BF)